Your News RIP

I’ve only reviewed one TV programme so far: Your News. I now understand that this coming weekend’s edition of this programme will be the last one ever, as the BBC have not unreasonably decided to axe the show. So if you’ve yet to play Your News Bingo, you’d better tune in this weekend (at various times).

And if anyone has any requests of programmes they’d like me to review in the hope that this axing is evidence of a Pushing the boundary curse, let me know.

(I’m back from a few-month-long blogging hiatus, by the way. At some point soon, here and/or on Boris Watch, I shall resume doing proper posts. I’m sure you’re on the edges of your respective seats* with anticipation.)

* The plurality of this sentence’s reference to ‘you’ may overstate my readership.


TV review: Your News

This is the first of what might become a series of reviews – definitely not all as excessively detailed as the below – of TV programmes which I feel are unlikely to be reviewed elsewhere. Possible future contenders include BBC Parliament’s The Record, BBC News’s Click, and BBC Two’s post-Newsnight weather bulletin.


"Your News" is a strange programme, whose weekly 15-to-20-minute dose is given several different outings each weekend on the BBC News channel.

To call it merely "strange" is perhaps to go a little too easy on it: this programme is actually painfully bad in most respects, although if I’m at a loose end when its title shows up in the now and next listings, I will usually opt to cringe my way through it, for reasons which will perhaps become clear below.

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