Your News RIP

I’ve only reviewed one TV programme so far: Your News. I now understand that this coming weekend’s edition of this programme will be the last one ever, as the BBC have not unreasonably decided to axe the show. So if you’ve yet to play Your News Bingo, you’d better tune in this weekend (at various times).

And if anyone has any requests of programmes they’d like me to review in the hope that this axing is evidence of a Pushing the boundary curse, let me know.

(I’m back from a few-month-long blogging hiatus, by the way. At some point soon, here and/or on Boris Watch, I shall resume doing proper posts. I’m sure you’re on the edges of your respective seats* with anticipation.)

* The plurality of this sentence’s reference to ‘you’ may overstate my readership.


Blog Nation

BenSix, me and the Tory Troll

On Wednesday night, as evidenced in the photo above (thanks Sunny), I attended the Liberal Conspiracy/Comment is Free (CiF) Blog Nation event for bloggers of the liberal-left persuasion, at the Guardian Newsroom.

I’ve been to the Newsroom for a number of its exhibitions over the past few years, including a great tribute to their sadly missed cartoonist Austin, and more bizarrely the world’s first chance to gaze at the entire skeleton of the whale that swam up the Thames a couple of summers ago.

It turned out that the part of the venue which had back then been the whale’s temporary showcase more ordinarily doubles as a lecture theatre-type room, and it was in here that I began putting faces to bloggers’ names as they introduced themselves throughout the discussions, which covered topics from campaigning to coping with the likelihood of a Conservative government in 2010, and from feminism in the blogosphere to the signal-to-noise ratio in comments, particularly on CiF.

[I’m going to use a “Read more” link now. Personally I don’t like these when I’m reading a blog but they seem popular in long posts elsewhere so I’ll give it a go. Feedback warmly welcomed about whether these are good or not.]

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What’s all this then?

Hello. I’m accustomed to introducing myself as Mr. Stop Boris, but I’m hoping this blog marks an end to that practice.

"Pushing the boundary" doesn’t really work as an identity, though, so perhaps I’ll have to retain the "Mr.". We’ll see.

Anyway, I’m starting this blog because, frustration and failure aside, I rather enjoyed my time writing the Stop Boris blog, and flatteringly a few people suggested when I wound that up that they’d like to read any future blogging I did elsewhere. So I have motivation on my part to write stuff, and a small but perfectly formed and ready-made audience willing to consume it – so here it is.

What will I be writing about? Well, I already contribute to an outlet for Boris coverage, Boris Watch (the version, not the .com "LOL BOZZA IS A LEGERND!" version), so the intention is to write about anything and everything but Boris here.

I would envisage that this is likely to include politics, news, the media, advertising, London and, er, pretty much anything else that comes to mind.

I realise this doesn’t sound like an earth-shatteringly original addition to the blogosphere (a word I’ll try to avoid using if possible), and I don’t envisage it winning any blogging awards or even breaking many stories in the way my daily reads (and Boris Watch) might. But hey, I’m hoping it’ll at least be enjoyable – for me and particularly for you, should you elect to return, or to subscribe to my RSS feed.