Haltemprice and Howden

I realise my track record on influencing people’s voting choices isn’t great, but for the record I wholeheartedly agree with Dave Cole’s conclusions on next month’s David Davis-induced by-election.

There are no other relatively mainstream, left-wing, liberal parties standing against Davis, and his support for the death penalty and what might abbreviatedly be called Section 28-day detention gives the lie to any pretence he’s a champion of civil liberties, so backing the Green party would seem a no-brainer to me, were I actually living in the constituency.

Is 26 candidates in a by-election a record, by the way? Does anyone know? It seems rather a lot, particularly considering the absence of most of the main parties. Hope the returning officer has stamina.


4 Responses

  1. The Greens are standing now, so if you want to support a party in an openly futile gesture/media stunt which distracts the public from the actual bill going through Parliament, then you can always back them.

  2. Whoops – my point there was that I would vote for the Greens but something about blogging at 2am led me to imply it by linking to Dave Cole (who says as much) but completely neglect to actually say it in my own post. Edited now!

  3. Glad that TT and PtB agree with me… thanks for the link!


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